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Social Development Initiatives

TSMS will have an intensive social development programme and from the early years, children will be involved in collection drives to support various NGOs and their efforts to make our world a better place. On major festivals and on Childrens' Day, students of TSMS contribute food and clothing for children less fortunate than themselves.


Our Primary Green Brigade - a group of keen environmentalists will be actively involved in campaigns against fire crackers and banning the use of polythene bags in the school and community. The school encourages use of cloth bags which are an attractive and environment friendly alternative to plastic.
In keeping with our commitment to a safe and green environment, we do not use brown paper covers for school books. We will recycle our paper and separate our waste into degradable and non degradable waste. TSMS will have its own paper recycling units located in the school campus.
Rain Water Harvesting: A Rain Water Harvesting system is installed to ensure rain water is harvested annually from roof and surface areas to create awareness of the importance of water conservation.

Inter School Opportunities

Through their school career there are many opportunities for all to participate in a lively and diverse calendar of inter school activities. The students will be involved in a series of exchange programmes with schools in India and abroad.

Socially Useful Productive Work sensitises students to their social and environmental surroundings.

International Award for Young Peoples open to students aged 14 and above. This gives them the opportunity to undertake expeditions, participate in community service and advanced sports

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