The Shriram Millennium School

More than Two Decades of

Enabling Children to Grow into
Capable and Confident Adults

TSMS Philosophy & Values

Our students are encouraged to develop sound ethical values. Sensitivity, respect, integrity, the pursuit of excellence and pride in one's heritage are instilled within a safe and nurturing environment.


  • To the environment
  • To special education needs
  • To the community
  • To different cultures and religions


  • Transparency and honesty in all activities, systems and processes
  • Dynamic systems and processes, open to regular review, feedback and change

Pursuit of Excellence:

  • Students and teachers are encouraged to excel in any area of their ability.
  • Competition is encouraged, but with a difference. Every student is encouraged to compete with himself or herself to do the best that he or she can do.

Pride in Being Indian:

  • Knowledgeable about India and its achievements
  • Respectful and observant about traditions and heritage
  • To be ambassadors for the country wherever their life's journey takes them.


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