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Co-curricular Activities

Throughout the school a rich co-curricular programme of sport, dance, music, art, clay, drama and hobby classes run parallel to the academic curriculum.

Students enjoy basketball, soccer, cricket, badminton and table tennis as part of the school curriculum and have the opportunity of participating in track and field events, various school sports programmes, as well as training in specific disciplines through after school coaching programmes.
At TSMS, students are able to participate in a number of activities which cover wide interests such as debates, quizzing, creative writing, drama, Indian and Western music and elocution. Our students are encouraged to be aware of and be sensitive to cultural and environmental issues and there exist a number of opportunities to participate in ongoing initiatives.

Students have the opportunity to take part in any or all of the following:


Health & Physical Education

The school has a modern, comprehensive physical education curriculum which focuses on a holistic concept of health.

The Shriram Millennium School Health and Physical Education programme empowers students to critically evaluate the opportunities and challenges associated with living in modern society and teaches them how to take action to avoid injury and reduce threats to their health and well-being.

It recognises that students who are able to identify and develop their own attitudes and values associated with leading a healthy lifestyle are better equipped to take personally and socially responsible decisions. This has the potential to enhance the quality of their own and other people's lives.

Included in the PE programme is the acquisition of movement skills. Students who enjoy, participate in and appreciate games, sport, dance and outdoor recreation, develop confidence and self-esteem. Through participation in sport, recreation and other physical activities, students improve their physical skills and fitness and become aware of the important role that motivation, enthusiasm, initiative, self-discipline, self-respect, cooperation and the assumption of responsibility play in the maintenance of a healthy society.

Social Service


TSMS will have an intensive social development programme and from the early years, children will be involved in collection drives to support various NGOs and their efforts to make our world a better place. On major festivals and on Childrens' Day, students of TSMS contribute food and clothing for children less fortunate than themselves.

Performing arts (Music, Dance, theatre)


In the middle school, students opt for one discipline in either music, Indian vocal or instrumental; dance or theatre and stay with that discipline for three years till Class VIII. The training is provided by our Performing Arts team during school hours.

Art & Craft


Art & craft at TSMS is integrated with the curriculum through various activities done at each level. Students are exposed to a variety of art forms and artists in their regular art classes. The effort put in by children as well as their creativity is regularly showcased through regular displays throughout the school campus.

Clay & Sculpture


Clay modelling and sculpture is a key component of the learning process here at TSMS. A regular period is set aside for children to explore and work with this medium. This provides an opportunity for children, not only to unleash their creativity and develop their fine motor skills but is also therapeutic.

Trips & Excursions


Trips and excursions to places of interest provide enriching educational experiences and serves as an extension to classroom learning. All classes go for day trips in and around the city. Class V onwards, children are also taken on out-station trips. These trips provide opportunities for children to learn to be more independent and responsible.

Spic Macay


A society promoting classical music, dance and art among young people. Eminent artistes visit the school and perform as well as hold workshops for children.

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